The Movie Patriot A Piece Of History Film Studies Essay

The first thing I would state about the film is that about everyone watches the film. Peoples watch all types of film including action films, escapade films, comedy films, and many other classs, but when it comes to the history films, people do non believe if the narrative of the history film is a genuinely based on our existent history or it is merely filled with clump of fiction. Peoples normally guestimate that every history film is a portion of a existent history but the world is that about every individual history film contains at least small spot of fiction in it to do it great narrative and to maintain the audience ‘s attending. Traveling on to the chief point, to turn out it incorrect that non every history film is genuinely a portion of the existent history, I watched the film called the Patriot and in this paper I will compare the narrative of the Patriot with existent history to calculate out if the film contains a true narrative of history or is merely a filled with fiction.
Let me get down my giving brief sum-up of the film Patriot. This film is about Benjamin Martin who was male parent of seven kids and he declines an offer to contend for the Continental ground forces. However, as shortly the conflict land reaches his front pace and accordingly plenty his 15 old ages old boy named Thomas is killed by Colonel Tavington who was the chief opposition. In consequence of this, Benjamin joins the ground forces and creates his private ground forces of shred ticket husbandmans and farmworkers. His ground forces ‘s chief end was to maintain General Cornwallis in the province of South Carolina by strategically cutting down his supply and ground forces. Their advancement were effectual nevertheless, subsequently in the narrative Martin ‘s another boy named Gabriel became victim to the same colonel that killed his oldest boy Thomas. This causes a last conflict in the film between Martin and Tavington. And at the terminal of this conflict, Martin kills Tavington which besides helps led the Continental ground forces to triumph. ( )
In the film, during the scene of the last conflict it shows that soldiers were keeping up the several American flags but in world, the huge bulk of the flags used by the Continental ground forces represented where their reserves is from. Another scene in which Benjamin is giving a shop clerk a money in which you can see that he is giving five dollar note with Abraham Lincoln on it and this can non be true because this film took topographic point more than eighty old ages before he was elected as a president. Besides that during the clip of American Revolution work forces normally saluted by taking their chapeau off and take downing their chapeau to the side, so they would set it back on. While in the film, Gabriel merely salutes by seting his manus on his chapeau. In the film all the Continental soldiers seem to hold same outfits and the British are firing down a church which is full of people. While in the world everyone in the Continental ground forces had really different vesture and there has ne’er been found a historical record which showed that British burned the church. ( )

In the film there are many factual mistakes. For illustration, in the beginning of the narrative, during the town hall meeting Burwell was stating that we killed 700 of enemy at the Bunker Hill and they were merely kept coming, but in world they killed 226 of them. Besides harmonizing to the book Down and Out in Early America, it was highly impossible in the 1776 that a southern plantation proprietor could easy run a successful plantation which run by free work forces who worked by rewards. It would be about impossible to compare this plantation proprietor which person who used slaved as the work force. Besides that Benjamin Martin seems to be a rules adult male in the film but in world he killed Indians merely for merriment and was known for knaping his slaves. Therefore, I would state that all of these things did non look or they changed it merely to do Benjamin Martin good character in the film respect less of world. In one scene Benjamin Martin shoots a British troop who was on the traveling Equus caballus utilizing a firelock gun at the scope of about 100 paces. It clearly seems bogus because slug from pulverization gun would non go this much of distance besides that going of this much distance and hitting traveling mark would be really hard with modern guns. ( sbroome )
In the film, Lord Cornwallis is portrayed as really old adult male, which is wrong because during the clip frame of this film in 1780, General Charles Lord Cornwallis was in his mid-fortiess. To be more descriptive, based on my research I found that Cornwallis was born in London on December 31, 1738 and harmonizing to that twelvemonth he would be six old ages younger than George Washington. Traveling to the following point, in the scene where auntie Charlotte takes in the kids after their household place was burned and destroyed, her hair was down. My point is that during the clip frame of the film, adult females merely wore hair down merely during illness or bedtime. Women ever pinned up their hair during the twenty-four hours and eventide, while they were out in the universe therefore, I would state that they this is clear fiction. ( )
In the conflict scene where Benjamin is watching through the farmhouse ‘ window and we can see that Redcoats bayonet charge the Rebels. The soldiers ran across several hundred paces of unfastened land while Redcoat ground forces was good trained ground forces. During that clip military personnels were really of import therefore it was non good thought that parts of the military personnels would merely running about across the battleground. In world, they would hold charged Bayonets and travel towards the enemy. When they are about 50 paces away they would hold marched rapidly and decelerate sufficiency to stay a line. This would treat would do possible to hold control over way in the instance where needed to alter or to call off the order. And when the military personnels reach really near so military personnels could prosecute the enemy. ( sbroome )
In another scene in which Gabriel returns to the Martin plantation with blade lesion from Battle of the Waxhaws, he said that Gates ordered them to process heterosexual at the lobsterbacks. In world, Gates was non present nor the commanding officer at the conflict of Waxhaws. Furthermore, they were processing off when the British attacked. ( sbroome )
In this film, I would state that they tried to flim-flam us, when the British housebreaking to the Charlotte ‘s plantation, Tavington was seeking for the kid that was concealing under the tabular array and when Tavington looks beneath the tabular array to look into if anyone is concealing under or non and at the same clip, Nathan moved out from the underneath the tabular array on the right side and Tavington did non see him. The tablecloth on the table bents several inches from the floor so when Tavington tried to look child under the tabular array he should hold seen the Nathan from the spread that was between the tabular array fabric and floor but he did non saw the kid. Based on this point, it is clear that in this film they tried to flim-flam audience. ( sbroome )
The concluding conflict in the film is the conflict of Cowpens and it seems really large conflict while in world, merely 12 American died and was largely cavalry matter and it was all over in less than an hr. During this conflict there was scene in which cannon ball comes from enemy side and it rolls on the land and cuts the leg off of a figure of soldiers in its way, in which we can clearly see that one of the soldier ‘s leg falls apart good before the ball even touch his leg. Besides in this conflict Tavington and Martin seems contending where Martin foremost attack Tavington with a indicating tool on the terminal of the musket. And he besides attacks into Tavington ‘s pharynx right after first onslaught and we can see that Tavington was falling on the land but in the following onslaught we can see him still standing. The last scene was really confounding so it was difficult to do sense. ( sbroome )
During the American Revolution British were the Masterss of the sea. But in the film they had played with natural Torahs. During the scene of party where we can see that British ship was blown up in the seaport. But the Torahs of natural philosophies describe that behind each action there is an equal and the opposite reaction. When the ship was targeted and destroyed we see the large detonation with fire distributing all over the ship. However, although there was detonation on the ship, ship remains in its original place in the H2O therefore, it did non moved side to side or drop in the H2O it is impossible because based on natural philosophies jurisprudence ship should hold been moved or sunk in the H2O. As we can find that some of the scenes were non accurate hence, there is no drouth that narrative of this film would include fiction. ( )
I besides figured geographical mistake in the film, in the scene in which Benjamin and his two of the younger boies were running and go throughing through the forests to disrupt the British who captured their older brother. They seem leaping and concealing around the stones to acquire in place. While in South Carolina it was ne’er glaciated in the portion of the country where this narrative took topographic point. In another scene where Tavington is looking for Martin ‘s kids at the Charlotte ‘s plantation, Susan seem to look out the window covered with Venetian blind. The Venetian blinds was non invented until the 1800s or approximately 100 twelvemonth after the timeframe of the film. To be more descriptive, the recorded innovation of blinds is holds by adult male from Chile named Hernando de Venuto and it was invented on May 20, 1857. ( sbroome )
About every knows that slaves did non like white people during the clip of revolution or any clip during the bondage hence, in the one scene after their place was destroyed, Benjamin Martin direct his household and his friend ‘s household to a slave settlement and they were welcomed at that place and had small jubilation at that place in the consequence of arriving of Benjamin Martin ‘s household. My point is that they should non hold been welcomed to their settlement because during that clip there were really few slaves settlements existed and ointments did non liked the white people. ( )
In decision, I would state that even though the film Patriot include many fictional narrative in it but the manager of this film did many of the turn in the existent history to do it look more interesting to audiences and do narrative retrieve. This film besides gives audiences at least small spot of experiencing about American Revolution war. Although I found many mistakes in the film it contains really of import portion of our history and by watching this film, people can larn more about our history and seek to retrieve it as our yesteryear.

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