Cultural Insularity

River Faller developed near the Indus river In the middle east Mesopotamia= developed between the Tells and Euphrates River Elms and Chapin= both help develop the Mayans and the Incas Empire Pastoralist: Primarily the tending of animals= provided food and hides provided clothes and shelter “Nomads”= herding the animals from one place to another Helped spread ideas= would trade with nearby civilizations/settlements The Peopling of the Earth: Europe= one of the beginning areas to start populating Asia= the next area to be populated
South & Central America= the final area to be peopled through the Bearing land bridge Art: Venus Figurines- used for the worshipping of women: belief In fertility oracle Bones- where questions were written on them in which they were used to receive answers from deities in Sang dynasty Code of Hamburg= law codes to help control civilians in Mesopotamia Other Names: NONE Accurate time p: 500 B. C. E to ACE Top five Monotheistic religion a. Judaism- Major In the Mediterranean; Jesus was Jewish, Jesus” dad was god, therefore they worshipped god. They worshipped one god. A god. THE god.
Yaw b. Zoroastrian – Major in The Persian Empire. It was a quasi monotheistic religion, however, there were other gods that they believed had a little amount of power that are bad. But they mostly worshiped ONE god. C. Christianity – Major in the Roman Empire, it persisted in Roman empire despite resistance by Romans Empires Roman- large empire with borders which stretch across different ethnicities/beliefs. Han- attempted centralized gobo with heavy dependency on silk road. Collapsed due to the inability to prevent the development of factions in government in court that reverted a centralized gobo.

Persia- state organized in satrapies, religiously tolerant (Cyrus the Great). Great transportation and communication Murrain- fighting BTW regional kingdoms,united by Marry dynasty(Osaka) Guppy-After the Marry,fell to white Hung,regional governors Long distance trade Silk Road- Located in East Asia traded spices, porcelain and other goods along trade routes Indian Ocean Basin- Connected all of the Mediterranean countries with India and South East Asia Trans- Sahara Trade- connected all of the Sahara Africa
Persian Royal roads and post office Prone to governmental decline Patriarchal society China -footslogging in China- showed the female dependency on men Confucius roles of women: India -Inhabitant, Ramadan: portrayed women as weak-willed and emotional; exalted women who served their husbands devotedly Rome – Pater Familial: roman law that invested authority in the head of the household. Constantinople -Women withdrawn from public festivities; fear of compromise of honor Islamic Empire – Women increasingly covered; couldn’t leave house without male attendant of the family.
An Age of Cross Cultural Interaction Post Classical Era Time pennon: 600 CE to 1450 -rope 5 List: BOB trade systems Spread technology such as gunpowder, paper and the printing press Allowed the formation of economies based mostly on trade, instead of agriculture Spread cultural traditions such as Islam, Buddhism and Christianity Byzantium Schism- Roman Catholic/Eastern Orthodox Constantinople: major center of trade and silk production Suffered the fate of most empires: got too big and eventually disintegrated Islam Started in Arabia spread to Mesopotamia, Africa, Mediterranean.
Muslim Merchants/ Suffix spread Islam all over the world reaching lands such as India, Anatolia Mongols Pox Mongolia: After their conquests were over, they integrated the world into a single empire and encouraged trade so that cultural interaction spread exponentially. Because of their culturally integrated empire and the peace they spread, the Bubonic plague spread quickly and was drastic towards the world’s population Emphasized religious tolerance Cultural Flourishing Renaissance: in Western Europe, a period of cultural flourishing and revival of Greece-
Roman tradition Islam: a boom in artwork, medicine, mathematics, humanities, science and logic as well as the translation of Greek literature/philosophy Tang Golden Age Early Modern Era Other Name: The Origins of Global Interdependence Accurate time-p: 1500-1800 1 . Religious Controversy – Protestant/ Catholic Reformations – Schism in Russian church – Spanish Inquisition 2. Scientific Revolution/ Enlightenment – New ideas on the interpretation of the world- Galileo, Isaac Newton – Adam Smith’s introduction of capitalism – Theory of Progress 3.
Nations becoming closed off to outside influences (Cultural Insularity) – Borrowed technology, but weren’t open to political or cultural influences – Only exception is Russia; westernizes under Peter & Catherine the Great – Ottomans, Japan 4. State Building – Unification of Japan under Outgas Baku – Europeans attempt to revive the Carolingian empire with the Holy Roman Empire – Islamic Empires– Ottomans, Savvied & Mussels 5. Trans-oceanic voyages – James Cook exploration of New Zealand, Australia & Hawaii – Christopher Columbus – Columbian Exchange

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